2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 10 and Fantasy Football Week 9

I thought I was doing alright last week with eight, that would have been good for best, but for some reason Imler decided to go into beast mode (at what point does beast mode get old?) and rock out eleven. I am currently 64-69 and in fifth place. Gideon is still in the lead with Imler and Mom three behind. Adam2 is one ahead of me and after that, well Sean and Adam are not having a good year. Sorry Lindsey, you only get a mention because I love you.

C’mon, my team is pretty much unstoppable (guaranteed to lose this week now). Sorry Jason, but I had to curb stomp you. This is that dreaded bye week time when scores drop significantly. Well everyone’s scores, but mine. Suck it losers!

I know what you are thinking: well Josh, you do not have Andrew Luck this week. And you are right. That could be bad, but I do have Ryan Tannehill, who only had eight less points than Luck. Now I do not want to be a jerk, but I honestly do not think I have much to worry about, since I take on Sean, who is winless. Sorry Sean!

Ryan and Jim still lead the way with only one loss each and I am in third place at 7-2. I have scored over 1500 points, the only person even close to me is Gideon, who only has 70 points less than me. The interesting thing is that I have only had one week over 200 points, which to me shows that I have been pretty consistent.