2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 13 and Fantasy Football Week 12

Another week of only getting six right. I am definitely falling apart towards the end of the season. Adam2 was last week’s winner again, this time with nine. This brings him to first place, with Gideon in second. Mom and Imler are still ahead of me and most likely going to stay there for at least another week, unless I go on a remarkable run.

Over on the fantasy side, I had a very insane week. I thought for sure that I would crush Kevin and then things went a little awry. I needed 13.40 points from Fred Jackson on Monday. I barely squeaked it out when he scored 13.50.

I thought for sure that I would be moving up to second place since Ryan was getting crushed by brother going into Monday night’s game. Then Ryan lucked out with 108.50 points from four players. That is insane, especially when Adam also had a guy playing, who scored 18.90.

I am still in third place with the most points scored. Ryan and Jim are above me with their almost perfect 11-1 records. This week I take on Ruskin, who is 4-8, who I need to beat since Jim has a tough matchup against Jarrod. This could be my chance to move into second place. I know it should not matter, but seeding can be very important.

Can we all take a second and celebrate Sean’s first victory of the season? He defeated Dustin pretty handily. Weird that in the same week when the Raiders pick up their first win, Sean also earns his. Great job Sean!

So how am I doing in the other leagues? Well, in Kevin’s league I am 7-5 and in sixth place. I am guaranteed a playoff spot and I truly believe that my team could be dangerous. I might have to drop Kaepernick though, he really is killing me some weeks, like this week with his idiotic one point.

Over in the Pittsburgh Bloggers Fantasy League, I am doing quite well. Currently leading my division with a 10-2 record. Only one person has a better record and yet again, I have scored the most points. Trust me Alex, if we meet in the finals, you are going down.

And over at TIGO…well things are not going so well. I am 43-48, yet everyone was so bad last week that I did not really lose any ground on the leader, who is only 46-45. I can still do this! So pathetic.