A Sad Day for SAMCRO

I figured the logo would be a good way to cover up what happened and no one would get all pissed at me for spoiling the episode. So if you have not watched last night’s episode, you should probably stop reading.

The exchange between August Marks and Jax did not go exactly as SAMCRO planned. Marks got what he wanted, then shot Bobby in the head as a reminder to not screw with him. I knew that Bobby was going to die as soon as Moses said they had to break Bobby’s jaw. Only reason for that would be so Bobby could not warn Jax about something.

The other thing that made this episode good was the look on Gemma’s face. All of this is her fault. If she does not die by the end of the season, then there really is no justice on this show.
Good bye Bobby Munson! You will be missed…