I Get Around…Sorta

I love when something becomes popular on Facebook and in one day I will see it posted 1253 times. The weird thing is that I do not have 1253 friends, hell not even close. And yes, I do count these things.

The big thing today is the map of which states you have visited. Naturally I wanted to participate.

Create Your Own Visited States Map

Obviously I have been to Pennsylvania. I mean, I live here and have never lived anywhere else. That does not mean I have never left the state. I think in the last eight years of this blog I have probably mentioned going to a few of these states. What constitutes having visited a state? Well in my mind, and that is the only mind that counts here, as long as you cross a state line that means you visited. Touching down at an airport for a 25 minute layover counts. So with that in mind, here we go…

In high school, I went to Alabama to see my cousin’s military graduation with my grandparents. On the way there we stopped in Tennessee. That is the only time I have been to those states. That was a real cool trip, unfortunately there was no internet, Facebook, or Ngewo’s World back then, so the trip basically did not exist.

I have been to New York, Ohio, and Virginia a bunch of times. Just as a kid, I probably went salmon fishing with my Dad like twenty times. We took some summer trips to Virginia and Ohio as kids as well. Virginia Beach, Cedar Point, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and Geauga Lake were all places we went to and probably a bunch of other places I cannot remember. Again, no Facebook to check in with, then it really did not happen.

I stopped in Chicago once, well technically twice. When I went to Jordan and then again when I came back from Jordan. You may remember me talking about the trip before

Speaking of places that I have been to for a very short stay: New Jersey. I have never went to Jersey for anything, but my uncle and I definitely got lost in Philadelphia a few times and ended up across the river. To be honest, I am pretty sure we also went into Delaware once, but I am not 100%, so I decided not to count it.

I generally go through Maryland in order to get to Virginia. It makes sense, it is a small state and really, who says “hey, we should go to Maryland, they have crabs!” You go through Maryland and you get crabs as you leave. I would make a joke, but c’mon it’s too easy. Anyways, that was pretty much true until a few years ago when I went to Baltimore with Lindsey. Obviously though, Maryland will always hold a special place in my heart, since that is where Lindsey said yes

One year in college, my roommate and another friend of mine were going to New Orleans. My friend worked for an airline and she got us tickets. Well the day of the trip, my roommate got so drunk the night before and never came home. I went to the airport (it was my first time ever flying) and my friend ended up having to miss the trip. So I went there by myself. It was a pretty good time, but I would definitely like to go back at some point.

Since being with Lindsey, I have went on many pretty great trips. I mean, we just got back from Georgia. We also went to Florida, although I had been to Tampa Bay in order to go on my cruise. We went to Myrtle Beach and to North Carolina to help round out those cool Southern states.

Until recently, my only experience with West Virginia was passing through the tiny corner as you go to Virginia. Then we did our cool trip to the Greenbriar and before that I actually went down there for one of Kayla’s volleyball games.

When I went on my trip to Louisiana, my layover was in Detroit, which is probably good because back then Detroit was a really shitty city. Oh, things have not improved? My bad. I have also been to Michigan when a few of us drove out so Imler could look for a place to stay while in law school at Michigan State.

There have been so many places I have visited, I feel like I could spend thousands of words just mentioning all the places I have visited in just Pennsylvania. Maybe that would be a more interesting post…

That is not some exotic locale, instead it is Presque Isle State Park in Erie. That is beautiful.

This whole thing has made me realize how much I love traveling with Lindsey and how I look forward to more adventures. I think at some point we need to head up to the New England states and eventually out west.