Lightsaber Questions

Okay, this made me laugh. My money is on Jesus Skywalker.

Now that we have had time to process the preview, it is time to discuss the lightsaber.

I read somewhere that people are calling it the Claymore-saber. If you are not familiar with a Claymore, think Braveheart. The big sword that Mel Gibson carries.

I hope that when creating this lightsaber, the fight choreographers take into consideration that you cannot do the cool spins and twirls with this weapon. Think about it, if the cross-guard comes near your wrist, you get burned or maybe lose a hand. I have no doubt that they will find a cool style for this guy (or gal). And I am not nerdy enough to care about lightsaber construction and how this would be a blah blah blah. Not really important, especially since the books and expanding universe are basically non-canonical, so all the stuff we learned about saber making is moot.

Also, here is something to consider. If you are having a lightsaber battle with a Jedi (assuming that we are evil Sith), what is to stop you from using the Force to flip the off switch on the Jedi’s lightsaber? Granted, he could do this to you as well, but if you do it in the middle of an attack, he may not see it coming, right? And do not tell me that you cannot use the Force to move such a small object, since the Jedi have been using their powers to open doors for years.

Back to Claymore-saber. It would be cool if the cross-guard could separate and he could throw it via the Force. Not sure how this would work, but I am sure someone could come up with it. Speaking of the cross-guard, what if the Jedi brings his lightsaber right into the corner? Would it cut through the metal and pretty much destroy the Claymore-saber?