Salmon Cannon

I think most of you have figured out that I love Last Week Tonight on HBO. I was ecstatic to hear that the show will return next February. John Oliver has many great stories and has been fantastic at raising awareness about topics that you never really hear much about: civil forfeiture, Miss America scholarships, lotteries, and many other worthy news stories. However, he can also be silly when he wants to be and you get a great example of this with the Salmon Cannon.

Who all did he hit?

John Stewart
Jimmy Fallon
Young & the Restless
Dwight Howard
Seth Myers
Anderson Cooper
Rachel Ray
Tom Hanks
Homer Simpson
Joel McHale
Wanda Sykes
David Letterman
Mario Batali
Wayne Brady
Meredith Vieira
R2D2 and JJ Abrams
Mitch & Cam from Modern Family
Stephen Colbert
Kelly Ripa
Grey’s Anatomy

It blows me away that they got so many of these people to participate.