Shadow’s Edge

Brent Weeks picks up the second book where the first one left off. Sometimes authors like to take us a few years into the future and we (the readers) are forced to piece together what happened between books from conversations with other characters. Not saying I do not like that style, it can work when done well, but it can also be really confusing if done poorly. Sorry, that was my little rant to start off.

In this book, Kylar must return to the place he tried to leave behind, as well as the life he had given up. He must return to Cenaria to save Logan and to kill the Godking. Needless to say, there will be a few hiccups on his way. Also, Logan has his own problems down in the Hole. Like last time, here are a few of the things I liked/disliked and maybe some predictions.

-I will never understand Kylar’s moral quandary. He learns that Durzo had all sorts of different lives through the years, and during some of them he became a hero of the age. Why does Kylar think that his only option is to be a Wetboy? I think Elene would be okay with him killing if he did it in service to Cenaria as a great soldier. Maybe she wouldn’t, especially in the end when she finally realizes that killing is sometimes necessary. I guess I did not really see her as such a moral absolutist.

-Loved the battle between Vi/Kylar and the Godking. I knew it would not be nearly as simple as Kylar going in and killing the Godking, who seems to be almost omniscient at times.

-I wonder if the silver mark on Logan will turn out to be something magical. Where the dragon blood or whatever got on his arm? I was think that it might be the beginning of a new Ka’kari, or maybe some other magical item, which could give Logan some power.

-Speaking of the Black Ka’kari, does that thing have any weakness? Kylar could have killed the Ferali just by covering himself in it and walking through it? Damn, I guess losing that arm was pretty pointless.

-I loved that Durzo is actually alive at the end. I wonder if he decided to leave Cenaria and just be an old hermit, living out the remaining years of his life, or if he will join Mama K?

-I think Elene will eventually make her way to the Chantry and become a Maja along with Ully. I do not think she and Kylar will be together in the end. Or maybe I am wrong and she will discover a Ka’kari and they will live happily ever after. Wonder where that would leave Vi? I actually like Vi.

I look forward to seeing how this series ends. I wish it were December already so I could get my next Audible credit.