Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser/Trailer

Was this a teaser or was it a trailer? Not really too sure. I would call it a teaser, but most things are saying trailer. Is there a difference? I suppose not.

I wanted to not be excited about this movie. I was pumped when Phantom Menace came out. I went to see it 13 times in the theater. I could not see any flaws in it, that is how big of a Star Wars fanatic I was. Then I gave it some time and watched it again when it came out on video. Ugh, it was pretty bad. Then I saw Episode II and it pretty much killed Star Wars for me. I did not see it opening night, I waited a few weeks and honestly did not enjoy it at all. By the time the third one came out, I was basically done. I went to see it though and thought it was alright, but my love for the franchise had dwindled.

Time does heal all wounds though. One day I watched the original three on television and remembered why I loved them so much. Then Disney bought Lucasfilm and I was intrigued, but not very hopeful. Then I heard they hired JJ Abrams and I was even more sold on the new films. And now we have the first video and I am completely back to fanboy mode, wanting it to be December 2015 already. Well maybe I want August to get here first…

So what do you think, is this going to be awesome?