2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 14 and Fantasy Football Week 13

I thought that I did alright with nine last week, but it turns out that everyone else did alright too. Gideon nailed it with eleven, while Imler and Sean joined me with nine. Mom was close behind with eight and the Adams were down at the bottom. That slip up definitely cost Adam2 as Gideon surpassed him for the lead. I am back to .500 at 96-96.

Want to know the best way to go out on the week before the playoffs start? By destroying your opponent and scoring 246.90 points. Obviously. Sorry Ruskin, you put up a good effort, but did you really think that was enough to defeat me?

The playoffs start this week. I finished the season in third place with a 11-2 record. I should point out that my only two losses were to Ryan and Jim, the two people ahead of me. That makes me feel pretty good.

This week I take on Jarrod, who I defeated back in week 8. He was 6-1 at that point and ahead of me in the standings. Then I beat him and things went downhill from there. He has not won since before me and finished at 6-7. This should be an easy win for me in the first round, but this is the kind of matchup that great teams find ways to stumble against.

Over on the other side of the bracket, Gideon is playing against Jason. Gideon already has a big lead because of Cutler and Forte. Looks like Jason could be done soon. I had a tough debate in the off-season about whether to increase the playoff teams to eight or not. We bumped up from 12 to 14, so does that mean you add two playoff spots?

I decided against it, mainly because with eight out of fourteen making it, the regular season becomes a little less meaningful. Yes, you would have people fighting hard for those last spots, but I wanted there to be more of a fight for sixth. Although, I did not really expect so many teams to finish below .500. Even in my system there are still two sub-par teams in the playoffs. I am sorry, but the regular season means something. Maybe next year I will expand, but I would need a strong argument for it.