2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 16 and Fantasy Football Week 15

I suppose getting cocky for getting the Thursday game was a bit of a mistake. Gideon was the big winner at ten, then Mom, Jason, and me. Which is now the order we are in with Adam2 right behind me. I really need a big week, Gideon is nine games ahead of me. I need him to be terrible.

Ugh. The fantasy season is pretty much over now. Congratulations Jim, not only did you defeat me (again), but now you are a father, I hope the kid wakes you up every night at like 3:00. Yeah, I am childish, whatever.

This week I take on Gideon for third place. I cannot remember what we decided, does third place get their money back or did we decide that winner take all? Not that everyone paid, so who knows how that will work. I guess the winner will get just get everything, which means I will probably not bother to even set my lineup this week. Just kidding, I want third place. Sorry Gideon.

Jim takes on Ryan in the championship. It is cool that the two best teams are in the finals. In another league, the number one seed lost to the eight seed. But in my PghBloggersFF league, I am in the finals, so the two best meet there. I will most likely be writing about that next week.

I would like some feedback for next year. Should we keep things as they are? I constantly consider adjusting the scoring (although, this will stay a QB driven league), so any thoughts how to improve this league will be helpful. Also, if we keep this as a money league, would you want to keep it where it is at or increase to say $20.