2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 17 and Fantasy Football Week 16

Looks like Mom and I got our wish: Gideon had a bad week, only getting five correct. Unfortunately for us, we each only got seven right, while Adam2 was the big leader with nine. The standings go Gideon 126, Mom 121, Adam2 120, and myself 119. It is such a tight race going into the last week. Obviously we keep going into the playoffs, but at that point things become even more fun if the race is super tight…

Over on the fantasy side of things. Gideon absolutely destroyed me for third place. Jim defeated Ryan to become our champion, and became a father, so a pretty good week for him. On a side note, my brother defeated last year’s champion, Jessica, for seventh place! Good job Adam!

Over in the PghBloggersFF Finals. I took on Alex and thought for sure I was going to pull out the victory. Going into the Colts/Cowboys game he was winning 67-51. I had Luck, Lynch, and Bryant yet to play, while he had Romo and Murray. My thought was 20, 16, 12 with his guys going 16 and 12. It would be very close, but I figured it was possible…

And then Andrew Luck happened.

Even a 16 point game from Luck would have tied it up. Whatever, it was a good season, so I cannot really complain.

Congratulations again to Jim and Alex for being champions!

And take a second to congratulate Jim on the birth of his daughter.

This is much better than posting an embarrassing picture of Ryan. Thank you Jim for beating him and I will message you about the umm, prize. I am sure you can use it now for…baby things.