Baby Me!

I finally went through a box of pictures from my Dad’s house and found a bunch that I wanted to scan. Sadly though, we did not have a scanner and I was not going to Walmart again for that shitty service. Well that problem has finally been solved! No, Walmart did not call me and say they found the pictures, but instead we bought a new printer on Black Friday. You know the all-in-one kind that is wireless. Yep, we are pretty much into the 21st century here at Casa de Ngewo.

Going through the pictures, I found a bunch from when I was a baby. I noticed something odd. Follow along for the journey of Josh.

Look at how adorable I was as a baby. It looks like I had a bit of a mohawk going there. Weird. This was on Christmas 1980, so I was two months old.

I believe this is me with my great-grandmother. This would have been January 7th, 1981. This begins the theme of me wearing lots of yellow.

This was sometime in February or so. See, a yellow walker. Also, brown. I feel like the early 1980s were just all brown. There were no other colors. It is funny that cameras now use an effect to make pictures look like that, but back then, the world looked like that.

Both of these were from May of ’81. Holy crap, we must have went somewhere fancy since they did not have brown everything. A red rug? Crazy world we are living in here. Also, did I break my walker? Now I have a red one. Looks like the hair is really starting to come in, that first haircut is probably right around the corner.

Christmas 1981. Back to wearing yellow. And look at that hair! It is over my ears. Why the hell didn’t they cut my hair?

This one comes from the next day. At least they spiced it up with a colorful outfit. Still though, just look at my ridiculous hair.

The hair has still not been cut and it is now January 1982. I keep reading websites that recommend waiting three months. THREE MONTHS MOM! You could have cut my hair at any time. Hopefully things get better…

This must be approaching the next Christmas and look at my hair. It does not look like it was cut, just that my head grew a little bit.

I will say though, I was a pretty good looking kid. Granted, I looked a bit Asian, but there is nothing wrong with that, minus that my parents are not Asian at all.