Blinded By the Light

Do I really need to say anything? This is just hilarious, especially since I am in almost the exact same pose as Jesus.

So I think this is going to be one of those posts where I ramble about a bunch of stuff. I apologize in advance for boring you.

College Football
Well it looks like my dream of a completely messed up college football playoff did not come true. Oddly enough, I feel that the committee did the right thing by jumping Ohio State ahead of Baylor and TCU. I realize some people might disagree, but no matter which Big 12 team you put in, the other one had a very valid argument as to why they deserved to be there. Also, this should force the Big 12 to have a conference championship game. Had Baylor played TCU for a second time, the winner would have undoubtedly deserved that 4th spot.

All that being said, after watching OSU absolutely destroy Wisconsin, with a third string QB, I am not entirely sure that the Buckeyes do not deserve this anyway. I really do think they could beat Alabama, which would be amazing. Also, Oregon and Florida State should be a really good game, especially if FSU can play up to their best (or they bring the Ducks down to their level).

The Hobbit
I enjoy the Hobbit movies, but nowhere near as much as I loved LOTR. I guess most of it just seems like filler to me and well I am sure you have heard the complaints from people. Anyways, here is a trailer of what it would be like condensed into one movie. I think one 3.5 hour movie would be sufficient.

I also love the line “I am fire. I am death.” That makes me happy every time. And guess what that means? Yep, I mentioned a dragon…

Seriously, every single time…

Police Brutality
Just kidding, I am not going to talk about that yet. At some point I would like to, but I need to really formulate my thoughts on the subject. Instead, how about a picture of some puppies?

Not Penny’s Boat!
My Lost friend, Michelle, sent me a link and here are a few of my favorites…

I love that someone would take the time to change the numbers. I hope that person got a raise. Also, I hope someone else noticed the person did this, like another fan of the show saw the numbers and took a pic.

Third Shift
I hate working third shift. It is one of the crappy things about my job. Wait, what’s that? I no longer have to work third shift because I am the General Manager. That is awesome! Lindsey still has to though. And therein lies the problem. Allow me to explain…

When she is on third shift, it makes sense for me to work first shift, mainly because when I get home, she is getting up and we can eat something and see each other for a bit. If I work second shift, she is at work when I get home and when she comes home and goes to bed, I am getting up. Well not technically, what usually happens is I come home from work and stay up until like 4:30 a.m. and then sleep until noon like I did back in the olden days. Either way, it sucks.

The crappy thing about first shift is that I have to get up at 4:15. I get home around 5:00. So we eat, hang out, watch television and by about 8:30 or 9:00 I am ready to pass out. Unfortunately, I cannot go to bed. You see, she likes to take a nap around 8:00 until 9:00. If I am asleep and she wakes up, then I wake up and then I cannot fall back asleep. We have done this a few times.

Sooooo, instead of me going to sleep, I just stay up. But then, she has to get ready for work and I definitely cannot sleep while all that is happening. So instead of going to sleep early, I end up falling asleep sometime after she leaves, which is usually about 10:09.

Can you see why I hate third shift still? Actually, when I did work them, I never minded. I mean, they sucked, but the sleeping or being tired was never an issue for me. And c’mon, this meme sums up third shift…

Alright, time for bed now.Check out my new bed…

Why the hell would someone want a giant penis bed? That is just weird.

Alright, well I think giant penis bed is a good place to stop.