Dinosaurs and Robots

I know, I know, that would be an awesome movie. Much cooler than Cowboys & Aliens. And while this is a post about movies, it is not that movie. You know, the one where a bunch of robots are sent back to the Jurassic in order to retrieve a McGuffin, but they soon learn that dinosaurs are smarter than originally thought and have mounted lasers on their shoulders and…sorry, I will stop now.

This is the trailer for Jurassic World. The third movie was pretty bad, but that will not deter me from seeing this in the theater. Speaking of movies with a terrible third installment…

Yep, another Terminator movie. Terminator Genisys. I have absolutely no clue what is happening in this trailer. Kyle Reese goes back in time to save Sarah Connor, but she already knows about Terminators and Arnold is there with her and he jumps out a helicopter. Very weird.

I am surprised that Daenerys looks a bit like the original Sarah Connor. I just kept waiting for her to start screaming “where are my dragons???”

To which my brother would reply:

I should probably apologize to my brother and to everyone who reads this. Anytime there is a dragon reference, this picture will make an appearance.