New Gym

Remember last year when we joined Shape Shifters in Ebensburg? Our year contract finally ended and while we did like it there, it was pretty expensive. Since we joined a new gym has opened up in Ebensburg, called Ebensburg Fitness. We decided to check it out a few weeks and see what kind of prices they offered.

The place was much nicer than our gym and it was significantly cheaper. Normally I would stick with a place just because I prefer to be loyal, but when you are saving $400 per year, you have to switch. Especially when the equipment is all new and they have much more stuff.

I was always annoyed that Shape Shifters did not have certain pieces of equipment, like a declined bench. That seemed weird to me. They had an incline, but not the decline. Not to rag on the place too much, but you could tell that without competition in the area, they became a bit content.

I will actually miss seeing some of the old guys there. It was one of the nice things. Since it was mostly seniors, it was a bit more relaxed. This place probably attracts a younger crowd and most likely a few more of the meat-heads. I suppose that is the trade-off when saving money.

Anyways, I have been doing Lindsey’s workout and since this place has different equipment, we are planning on updating the workouts to include some different machines. I actually feel and look a bit more fit, so her workout is doing it’s job.