PghBloggersFF Big Loser

I have been fairly dominant all season in the Pittsburgh Bloggers Fantasy Football League. Also, I am the commissioner of the league (I do not think there is any funny business going on, maybe I should launch an investigation…), and as such I decided to make the final week a little interesting: I said each loser should have to write about how great the winner is on their own blog. I figured I was pretty safe since I was 11-2 and taking on Laurie Koozer, who is 3-10. And then this happened…thanks Le’Veon Bell!

So I sit here, completely humbled by the fact that her team squeaked out such a close game. I was winning as all of our players finished up and then all of a sudden someone scored and she went ahead and like two seconds later, all the games were over minus the late games. It was crazy.

So in honor of Laurie, I highly recommend checking out her book: What Happens on Sunday. You can head over to Amazon and buy it for only $2.99! I also would suggest heading over to Sean’s site to read an interview with her about the book. Once I figure out how to read an ebook, I will buy it and let you know what I think.

Also, I would be a complete jerk if I did not mention that you should follow her on twitter.

She did have a great idea for next season, instead of making it interesting by writing about the other person on our respective blog, the loser should make a donation to the winner’s charity of choice. I like that and hopefully she is our commissioner next season to make it happen.

Congratulations again on the victory!