Scary Snowmen

So we have this snowman lamp. End of story. Yep, I am a fantastic writer. No, really we have this lamp and it looks pretty normal at first glance. However, if you spend a few minutes staring at it, you start to notice some odd things.

These are snowmen heads stacked on each other! This was a snowperson ritualistic murder and there does not seem to be any stopping the insane killer. If you replaced those cute snowmen heads with human heads it would be a whole lot freakier.

Actually this whole thought process came about because when I saw this the other day, I thought it was a snowman with an orange penis. I know, I know, I’m weird.

Look at it real fast and more towards the bottom, you see a snowman shape, but a protruding object at the base. What would you think? Well you would probably ask yourself “why does Josh immediately look at a snowman’s junk?” And that would be a valid question.

Okay, so this is starting to get a little weird. Maybe I should stop…

Well I am not going to stop. Sorry, just deal with my weirdness for a few seconds longer.

So after starting at what I thought was a snowman’s dong for a second, I realized these were heads and it really freaked me out. It reminded me of Calvin & Hobbes. I definitely think the person that created this lamp had Calvin in mind.