Sons of Anarchy: Papa’s Goods

Wow, after seven seasons, it is finally over. Technically I did not start at season one, I started with season two, then watched the first season later, so I guess I only toiled through six seasons. The finale was pretty good, not perfect, just about what I expected. This post will be more about what I loved and what I did not and hopefully next week I will have a different post about something SAMCRO related…

There will be some SPOILERS (also probably a spoiler for The Shield).

-I liked how Jax did the right thing with his boys. Getting them out of the life and sending them with Wendy and Nero was a great decision. Also, his saying goodbye to them was pretty sad. As was the conversation with Nero. It actually brought a tear to my eye.

-I was annoyed last episode with the whole new side mission to kill Connor for the Irish Kings. It just seemed like such a stupid filler. However, it all tied back to the crap from season three (I know, I am not doing a good job with making this sound like a good thing). The Kings did so much to mess with Jax during that Ireland trip and he finally was able to cut ties with that bunch of assholes. Plus we got to hear Chibs be a jerk to Connor, which I always love.

-Also, when Jax killed Robocop it was amazing. He just walked in and shoots that rat bastard. It has become quite clear the last few episodes how this would end for Jax and when he shoots Barosky in front of all the witnesses, it seemed like the final nail.

-Jax finally wraps up the club business. He brings in T.O. (although, I thought they were going to patch over the entire Grim Bastards MC, but I guess this is a start). He gives in to the Mayhem vote and sets Chibs up as the new president with Tig as VP. He also pays a visit to the district attorney and tells her about Gemma killing Tara so that case can be closed. I loved his line at the end of that exchange when she asks what happens at the end of the day:  “the bad guys lose.”

-And finally his death. It had to come. I was glad that he got to go out in his own way instead of someone shooting him (especially if it would have been a member of one of the other Sons charters, that would have been weird). I enjoyed his little talk with JT and Opie.

-Okay let me start with that death scene. Ugh, it was way too long. Also, would that many cops chase him? And did Jax even consider what this might do to poor Milo? That guy will have to live with his death forever. Not very nice. Plus the special effects were absolutely terrible.

-Why did they shoot Happy in the forearm? What a terrible place to be shot! Also, why not say their goodbyes before shooting the guy? He could have at least given Jax a proper hug. Also, for a bunch of tough, outlaw bikers, they sure do love to kiss each other on the cheeks.

-Sutter never really explained the homeless lady. She just gives Jax a blanket and he is able to use that to pretend to be homeless and kill August Marks. It is funny because I thought when she was first introduced that she was Brooke’s mother. You know, the girl dating Ratboy, her mother was killed during JT’s accident and during that episode, the husband says that people tell him all the time they thought they saw her (plus Jax tells him that she is familiar). However, Sutter has said before that the homeless woman is to be left to interpretation. Fine, that is how I interpret her.

-Everything seemed to wrap up a little too easily. He kills Marks outside the courthouse and there were no cops around? His escape plan is to jog across the grass. Has Sutter ever been to a courthouse? There are cops all over the place.

So it was a pretty fitting ending for this show. I guess it could have been much worse, you know, I half expected the CIA to show up again and take Jax away to become a super secret agent or something. At least Sutter took Jax out. I remember thinking about how The Shield could only end one way, with Vic Mackey dead and well, that did not happen.

I look forward to seeing what Kurt Sutter does next.