Sons of Anarchy: Red Rose

I figured I would write about this show when the season finale aired, but after last night’s episode, I knew I had to talk about it. There were so many good things and yet so much stupidity. Clearly that is Sutter’s way of doing things. I am just going to mention this now, there will be plenty of spoilers. Seriously, like tons of them. An amount that could ruin the whole series for you.

-One of the best things about the episode was Michael Chiklis playing Milo the trucker. There was no way you could have just about every The Shield character without Vic Mackey showing up. I think I actually called that before, although I thought Vic Mackey would show up as the new sheriff at the end of the show. Oh well.

-Poor Juice. Yes, he deserved to die. Or at least I think he did. He did betray the club and that was pretty unforgivable. Well okay, he betrayed Jax when he told Nero about the dead girl. Remember, Jax and Chibs knew all about him working with the cops. Murder seems a bit extreme for getting high and telling Nero something. Whatever, maybe I am just missing something.

On a sidenote, how do guys in prison just command themselves to get hard and do some raping? I would have loved it if the Asian leader would have been like “my guys here have a bit of pent up frustration.” Then when they bend Juice over, the first guy is like “whoa whoa whoa, I ain’t ass-raping that guy. We only been in here for like a week.” Just my opinion on prison sex.

-Then Unser dies. I always hoped he would make it out of all this alive, but because of his relationship with Gemma, you had to assume something bad would happen. I figured he would die earlier from the cancer. You know, that cancer that has been plaguing him for about seven seasons. Odd that it took a bullet from Jax to finally kill the old man.

-The death of Gemma. We definitely knew that was coming, but then at the last moment I really thought Jax would allow her to live. Yes, she deserved to die for what she did to Tara, but at the hands of her own son? That is messed up. It was a moving scene though and I really did feel bad for her.

-Then came the part I hated. So Jax returns home from murdering an old guy and killing his mom. He takes off his bloody shoes. What does he do next? Start banging Wendy! All while a slow song plays and they keep cutting to scenes of the three dead people.

First, why would Wendy have sex with Jax? I get that they were married or together and have a kid. Did she forget about the multiple times when he threatened her or when he jabbed her full of heroin so she would become a junkie again? Is Jax making his sad face that sexy that she just says “screw it, let’s bang.”

Then we have those weird cut scenes of Juice, Unser, and Gemma. What weirdness does that say about Sutter? Was there some kind of beauty of life and death thing? It was not beautiful. Seeing Jax’s ass and then a corpse is just freaky.

-So what happens in the finale? That is the big question. I know that it seems like Jax is going to die, but for some reason I get this sneaking suspicion that Sutter will find a way to keep him alive. I think that is only a 5% possibility, but still a chance.