The Broken Eye

I recently finished Brent Weeks’ third novel of the Lightbringer series, The Broken Eye. It took me a little longer than normal because while reading it, I was also listening to Shadow’s Edge. For some reason I found it confusing reading and listening to books by the same author. I took a little break from this one to finish the other.

This book was fantastic. Although for awhile, I really thought this was a trilogy (I am pretty sure it was originally called the Lightbringer Trilogy) and so halfway through I felt like there was no way for the book to be wrapped up. Plus, so much happened that it was hard to process everything. Here are some of my stray observations.

-When Kip escaped from Zymun and was on that island (I think it was an island), did he have a religious experience? His entire character seemed to change for a bit, granted he was dehydrated and a bit starved, but it felt like that was a profound moment.

-So much bad stuff happened to Gavin. Well Dazen. Finally escapes the pirates, but is captured by enemies, who torture him and eventually take one of his eyes. He cannot draft and by the end was taken by his own father, who put him in prison designed for his own brother.

-It was really sad Karris flipped out on Kip saying that she was not his mother. That brought a tear to my eye. I wonder if it will turn out that Zymun and Kip were switched at some point. That would make Kip the son of Karris and Dazen, while Zymun would be the product of Gavin raping whatshername (you know, Kip’s mom).

-The Order of the Broken Eye is very intriguing. Especially at the end when we learn that Ironfist is a member and that Grinwoody is actually his uncle. Or that Tremblefist wants his brother to fulfill his oath to the Chromeria, not the Order.

-I feel like Weeks did not really know what to do with Liv in this book. She shows up sparsely and her story is probably the least interesting so far.

-Teia on the other hand is probably one of the most interesting characters. I am wondering if she will turn out to have more abilities than people know. The whole sensing colors thing was cool, but where is it going? Maybe she is actually the Lightbringer. Just kidding, it will end up being Kip.

I look forward to the final book. If you are also reading this series, let me know what you think of it.