Wedding Crasher Penguin

I was watching the classic film Wedding Crashers last night and something occurred to me. Todd, you may remember him, he was the homosexual brother of Claire Cleary. He painted the beautiful piece of artwork for Vince Vaughn while trying to cuddle with him. Anyways, Todd looked quite familiar.

At first I thought he must be the guy who plays the Penguin on Gotham. I looked him up and it turns out that they are definitely not the same actor. Although, I am pretty sure the actor playing Oswald Cobblepot must have modeled himself after Todd Cleary.

Just picture him screaming “I’ll be in my room, painting…homo things!”

One thought on “Wedding Crasher Penguin

  1. Spot. On. Just watching Gotham and I kept swearing to my fiancee it was the same dude. Sadly not but the influence is there! Good spot man.

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