A New Year, A New Look Part 2

Last year I tried to change things up by switching to a template that I downloaded. Unfortunately it did not work out well, so I then changed things up again with the Dynamic Views template. Well it did not last very long and I ended up just switching to a default Blogger template.

So you may have noticed that I updated the colors again. I was going to try and use one of the independent templates, but they are so difficult to use if you are a person like me who does not really know any HTML or whatever else you would need to know.

I started thinking about the future of this blog. I look back at the older posts and I definitely see a change in my writing and style. I think when I started this blog, there was that hope that this would blow up and someone would want to pay me to write. Now though, I am just happy that some of my friends and family enjoy reading the stupid things I write.

What does the future hold? As my life continues to change, I think my blogging will need to change with it. I heard a speaker at the Greenbriar, who said how it is important to purchase domain names for yourself and your children. Not really going to explain why he said this was important, but it made sense. You can look into this sort of stuff yourself.

At some point I would like to switch from Blogger to another blogging platform, most likely WordPress. I would like to change it from ngewosworld.blogspot.com to joshcroyle.com. However, I want to keep all the old posts I wrote. I like being able to see the changes from then to now. I did some research and it sounds like I can do all that, just a question of when to do it and if I really should.

So all of this was a very long-winded way of saying that for the time being, nothing is changing. If it does, I will let everyone know. Do not worry! How do you like the new colors and whatnot? Also, if you are someone who uses WP, is it worth the switch?

Hope everyone has a great 2015!