Being Anal

Calm down perverts, this post is nothing gross.

I am sure most of you have noticed a drop in the amount of posts recently.

What? Damn it all to hell, not one single person noticed.

When I switched to WordPress, I noticed that there tags and categories. For some time I contemplated changing the categories at Blogger, but just never really got around to it. Now I am in the position to cut the categories way down and increase the number of tags.

A sane person would just start this endeavor now, but sadly I am not sane. I have been going through every single post and removing categories and adding a ton of tags. Oh and do not fear, at some point I will create an archive page (that no one will ever use) which will feature these tags and categories. Also, if you are one of the people I made into a tag and does not want that kind of responsibility, let me know.

This was also a good chance to look at some of the older posts with videos that do not work. I have found three so far and was able to delete them. I know, you are all so blown away with this entire post.

One of the other things I noticed about reading some of those old posts was that when I wrote something boring like this, I would post a picture of a hot chick…

Get it?