Being Dumb

Not quite this bad...
Not quite this bad…

Every time I have to make an appointment, I make it for the morning. The thought process is “well I can go to the appointment, then I have the rest of the day to do stuff.” Then the alarm goes off and I absolutely hate myself for setting up a dentist appointment before noon.

It especially sucks when I do this stupid stuff in the winter. Today the roads were a bit crappy on the way to Johnstown and all I kept thinking was “huh, if I did this at 1:00, the roads would be fine.” I did the same thing last year for an eye appointment. I went there at like 9:00 and the roads were absolutely terrible. The advantage was that everyone else had canceled their appointments. The disadvantage was that I had to drive really slow. I hate driving really slow.

And do not worry, I did not learn from my lesson. When the lady at the dentist’s office asked what was a good time to come back in six months and then says “I have a 9:00 a.m. available.” I responded with “sure, works for me!” Yep, I am an idiot.

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