Brushing Your Teeth

How long do you brush your teeth? Yeah, that’s right, I am asking you a question. I always assumed I was brushing my teeth long enough. Well, the other day at the dentist, I discovered that I was completely wrong. I hate being wrong. The lady cleaning my teeth said a person should brush their teeth for three minutes. That seemed like a very long time. Today I found this picture from the ADA.

Teeth BrushingSo maybe this dental hygienist was mistaken or perhaps she likes to tell people three minutes because she knows that most people probably stop a bit short.

I decided to time myself brushing my teeth and I was shocked to find that I was only doing it for about 90 seconds. According to her, I was only doing it for half the amount of time.

I was also shocked when I timed how long I mouthwash. The directions say a minute, but I was easily only doing it for 30 seconds. This is completely unacceptable.

Now, when I brush my teeth and mouthwash, I use the stopwatch on my phone. Three minutes and another minute feel like such a long time. Do you want to know exactly how long three minutes really is? Listen to me read from the Bible for three minutes. That is how long you should be brushing your teeth.

Tell me that is not brutal…

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