House of Cards Seasons One & Two

house-of-cards-seaosn-2__140603234815The advantage of finally having Netflix is that I get to watch House of Cards. I watched the first two seasons in a week and I can barely contain my excitement for season three in little more than a month. The show definitely lives up to all the hype. I will warn you, from here on out there will be spoilers. So if you have not watched the show, it would be in your best interest to stop here.

-I knew right away that Frank was capable of murder. As soon as he kills that dog, you know that this is a ruthless man. Peter’s death was sad, but I pretty much expected it to happen. Especially when they were in the car, it seemed like a no-brainer. However, Zoe’s death I did not see. Pushing her in front of a train was just crazy. There were so many things that could have went wrong, like someone seeing him. I assumed he would be more careful with his murder.

-I actually feel bad for Lucas. The guy is on the right track, but it is sad that he is going to jail, especially so soon after Zoe gave him a chance. I am guessing he will make it out of this at some point. The hacker will probably find a way to help him (although his deal with Doug had nothing to do with getting Lucas out of jail…)

-Speaking of Doug…is he dead? I hope not. I really like him. I also really like Rachel and her lesbian girlfriend (if you catch my drift). Doug seems like such a conflicted character. He struggles with his alcoholism. I loved his speech at AA about how he has to be ruthless, not just in his job, but also with his addiction. Pretty moving stuff.

-Sometimes I get fooled into believing that Claire is not nearly as diabolical as her husband, but then she does something that forces me to say “damn.” Her line to Gillian during the lawsuit was ruthless “I will watch your baby dry up and die.” Or something along those lines.

Basically so many awesome things happened in the show that it would be almost impossible to mention them all (and yes, it is only season two).

There is one thing that I did not like. The weird threesome between Claire, Frank, and Meechum (the bodyguard). It was getting a little weird early on between them and then that happened. It just felt out of place and maybe tossed in for shock value. Like “hey, the VP is bi-sexual.” I mean, we already got that notion from his trip to the Sentinel where he went to school. Why keep beating it home? Unless it will come back to haunt him later? Will Meechum quit the Secret Service and talk to the press? I doubt it.

This brings me to season three. What will happen? I mean, Frank is the President. He will end the trade-war with China. I am guessing that he will sacrifice Major Dad (no way Frank will give Tusk a pardon). The only thing he really needs to worry about is the hacker and Rachel. Although, if Doug is dead, the Rachel thing becomes moot. There can be allegations, but nothing proven. Where else can Frank go? Emperor of Earth? I hope so.