NFL Pick ‘Em Playoffs Week 1

Last week was not very good to any of us. I was the leader with eight (well Jason and Sean also had eight, but I had them on the tiebreakers). Adam2 and Mom both had seven, while Gideon only had six. Gideon was the leader after the regular season with a 132-120 record. Mom is in second at 128-124, with myself and Adam2 at 127-125. Jason is trailing us at 126-126. Last year’s best two are not doing so well, Sean is 122-130, while Adam is 93-159. Lindsey is an abysmal 52-200. To be fair though, she never remembers to do her picks.

I took Detroit and Arizona because I believe they will cover, not because I think they will actually win. I do not foresee Indianapolis and Cincinnati being at all close. And I really think the Steelers will win by at least a touchdown.