NFL Pick ‘Em Playoffs Week 2

Playoffs Week 2Gideon, Adam2, and I all got two correct. Mom only got one right. So now the three of us are all tied up at 129-127. Adam2 is ahead of me due to some tie-breakers. I am ahead of Mom. Gideon is still five up on us. He pretty much has the season locked up, unless he somehow forgets to do his picks this week…

On to my terrible thoughts on the upcoming games. New England will destroy Baltimore (although I could see the Ravens keeping it close by making a late comeback). If this game were in Carolina, I would give the Panthers a chance, but come on, in Seattle? It is funny that each time a team with a losing record ended up in the playoffs they won their first game. Had they lost each time, the league could possibly add a rule saying a winning record is a requirement for playoff eligibility.

Sorry, side tangent there. Everyone has heard the numbers: Green Bay is undefeated at home, while Dallas has not lost on the road. That means something has to give. I think the Packers win the game, but it ends up being close. I think it would be good for Tony Romo if the game ends with Rodgers leading the Packers on a game winning drive, instead of Romo coming up short. As much as I hate the Cowboys, I tend to feel bad for Romo.

The last game is a tough one. Denver has not looked good the last few games and I am not convinced that Indianapolis is that good. They have Andrew Luck and he is truly a difference maker. He has the ability to keep the game close, which is what I think will happen.

Most likely I will be wrong and all four games will be flip-flopped.