NFL Pick ‘Em Super Bowl

Super BowlThis was a tough one to pick. The Seattle defense is so hard to bet against, yet the Patriots and Belichick never cease to surprise me. I keep thinking this will be a close game, but then again I thought it would be close last year and look how that turned out.

I really do not care who wins this game. If New England wins then they move up on the list with four victories and continue the discussion of them being the most dominant team in the 21st century. I suppose it would be hard to really argue against them in the early part of this century. If Seattle wins, we get another year hearing about how they are one of the greatest defenses of all time and blah blah blah. Can the Super Bowl end in a tie? That would be awesome.

Also, I really do not care about DeflateGate or whatever we are calling this horrible incident. The Patriots cheated (or maybe they didn’t), who really cares? You know who I blame? The NFL. Why would you have a rule that allows teams to pick out the balls that they will use. I always figured the NFL showed up with some balls and that both teams used them. It is so stupid and it is asking for someone to cheat. And it sounds like just about every quarterback ever has found ways to doctor the ball to their liking. Honestly, I hope Tom Brady comes out on the first play and throws a perfect deep bomb for a touchdown. Then smiles at the camera with that stupid, charming face and gives a little wink. And while the play is going on Chris Collinsworth is telling us how the refs checked the PSI of the balls and kept them locked away from both teams. Ah yes, a boy can dream.

Oh yeah, sorry, I was supposed to be talking about Pick ‘Em. Right. My bad. Last week (or whenever the games were played) I went 2-0, as did Gideon, so he is the champion. I finished in second place with Adam2 in third. From there Mom and Jason will have to fight for fourth. My record is 134-128, which is not too bad considering how poor the season started. I was five games under .500 back in week ten!

I highly doubt that I will write too much about this next week. I am sure everyone will be happy for a fantasy break for a bit. Again, congratulations to Gideon for being the champion!