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After reading Greg’s Best of 2014 post, I was intrigued enough to download The Martian by Andy Weir from Audible. I hold Greg’s opinion in high regard and needless to say for good reason. The book was fantastic. There were times when I sat in my car in the driveway for another five minutes to hear what would happen next. This was also one of those perfect books for the audiobook format.The_Martian_2014

The plot is pretty simple: Mark Watney is an astronaut, who becomes stranded on Mars. He needs to find a way to survive and escape. He has a background in botany and mechanical engineering, so he can grow stuff and fix crap. And oddly enough it comes in handy. He is able to get out of multiple situations by using the equipment around him while applying science.

The majority of the book is written as log entries. So we get to hear his take on what happened during a certain day. Mark is a smart-ass and the log entries can be very funny. One of those fun, audiobook moments: I pulled up next to a cop at a red light, Mark makes a funny joke about his situation, I crack up laughing. The cop is staring at me. I was afraid he would pull me over and do a sobriety test.

I do not want to spoil anything for anyone, but honestly, I highly recommend checking it out. It only took ten hours to listen to, which means it was probably a shorter book (only 369 pages!). The movie is supposed to come out this year and after seeing the cast, I am excited, although Matt Damon as Mark? Not really who I envisioned. Andy Weir mentioned Aaron Paul or Chris Evans, which would both be better than Damon (who I do like, but just not for this role), but I was thinking someone like Hugh Laurie. Basically House on Mars. Although I suppose Laurie is a bit too old (although, do they ever mention Mark’s age?).

Anyways, for those who have read it, what were your thoughts on the book, the upcoming movie, etc.

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  1. Well, I’m flattered. I’m with you on Matt Damon though, although his terrible role in Interstellar has perhaps killed the Matt-Damon-in-a-spacesuit thing for me. Aaron Paul would be good, although I’m not sure about Captain America as Mark Watney. Anyway, it looks like we’re stuck with Damon, so I’ll be rooting for him.

  2. Well, I’m flattered.

    I agree with you on Matt Damon not being ideal. Maybe after seeing his bad role in Interstellar, I’m just down on Damon-in-a-spacesuit. I’d also take Aaron Paul, but Captain America as Mark Watney doesn’t seem right. Anyway, looks like we get Damon, so I’m hoping that he kicks ass in the role.

  3. Damn, I thought Matt Damon fit pretty well. I’m thinking of his more smart-assy moments in Good Will Hunting fitting pretty well as Mark Watney. Yeah, I’m referencing a movie he made 20 years ago, which will undoubtedly be the best thing he ever does.

    Aaron Paul I couldn’t see. Maybe because I can’t picture Jesse Pinkman being smart enough to be an astronaut. “Potatoes, bitch!”

    1. Like I said, I am really biased because of the audiobook, so he just does not sound like Damon in my head. Also though, I suppose that is what makes actors good, being able to pull off a role you never expected them.

  4. I think they should rename this, “The Marshawn,” and have Marshawn Lynch play himself in the title role. It could be about him having to live a year alone on Mars with nothing to eat but Skittles he made out of the limited supplies available to him.

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