Grodd is Here

There are certain villains in comic books that I figured they would probably avoid on TV Groddshows and movies. I never expect to see the Mad Hatter in one of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. Just like I cannot imagine Gorilla Grodd showing up in The Flash television series. I mean, c’mon, he is a giant gorilla who uses mind-control. It seems a little ridiculous (you know, ridiculous for a show about a guy who can run really fast).

A few times this season they have made mention of the great ape, but I figured that was just a fun reference for comic book fans. And then at the end of the last episode, we get to see the show’s version of Gorilla Grodd.

I am guessing he will have gained his power from General Eiling and Harrison Wells. I am doubting there will be a Gorilla City or Solovar.