Justified: Boom Goes the Wiz!

Seriously, you have to love Justified! Is there any other show that gives us such great visuals like this?

justified-boom1Between this scene and last seasons exploding Picker, you just never know when someone will go Kaboom! Anyways, this season has been pretty fantastic. The explosion of Jake Busey, while awesome, was actually the second best thing last night. The entire scene with Avery, Ty, Raylan, Tim, and Loretta was pure gold. I thought for sure when Loretta poured Ty a glass of moonshine (or apple pie as Mags Bennett called it) that he would drink it and start choking and die. Then when Avery made her take a taste of it…damn, the dude definitely did his homework.

Also, third best thing: Wynn Duffy grew up in Hawaii and was a complete beach bum/surfer dude. FX needs to make an early adventures of Wynn Duffy animated series!