One Week

It is now down to one week until Lindsey and I sign the paperwork for our house. It is an exciting time, I feel like this is the beginning to growing up. Also a bit scary. Not going to lie, I have no clue about so many house related things. For example, I have never had to cut the grass. I may have cut the grass at my mom’s house one time and I think I cut the grass for my teacher once in high school. For the most part though, I have never had to cut grass. I was always too small to cut the grass at my dad’s house. Then when I was old enough that I could probably handle the push mower, he bought a riding mower. He said that he was afraid that my lack of weight might cause it the lawnmower to rollover on our steep hill, but I think he just wanted to enjoy his new toy.

People usually find it weird that I am not very handy. You know, since my dad was a carpenter. Sadly, that sort of thing is not genetic. I worked with him a few summers when I was young, but I was only ever there for the framing of the house, which meant I got to carry lumber and stack it in different areas. Or be the person to use the nail gun when assembling the walls. Why would anyone  give up the joy of shooting nails out of a gun? Because you had to bend over the entire time. Might as well have the 14 year old do it, he does not have a bad back.

Sorry, really started to get off topic there. In one week Lindsey and I will be home owners. We plan on moving some stuff in during the week, but the big stuff will be the weekend of the 28th. If you are free and love moving things, please come by!

On a sidenote, I will be very happy once we are done looking at bedspreads. Who knew it was so hard to find a bedspread?