The Honeymoon is Set!

We have been doing so much preparing to move into our new house that we have put the wedding stuff on the back burner. Granted, we do not have too much stuff left, but one of the big things was booking our honeymoon. Well last night, we sat down and looked at all the places and priced them all out and finally made a decision. Seriously, it took Lindsey multiple times to find a place to spend a few days at, yet she makes the decision on a house in like five minutes. Blows my freakin’ mind!

the majesticWe will be going to the beautiful Majestic Colonial Resort in Punta Cana. For those that do not know where Punta Cana is located, here is a wonderful map of the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic.

mapAside from doing the fun, romantic stuff, I am hoping to go out and scout a few kids playing baseball. Maybe sign the next Gregory Polanco. I think I could be a sports agent.

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