Tosh on the Oscars

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Tosh really nails it with these questions. I try to ignore the words “based on a true story.” I remember going to see The Perfect Storm when it came out and when it was over all my brother and I could talk about was how none of the stuff happened.

If you never saw the movie, allow me to explain. George Clooney and Marky Mark are fishermen. They head out onto the high seas during one of the biggest storms in the Northeast. While out there they catch so many fish that they decide to ignore the warnings and stay out there. Then a giant wave comes and capsizes the boat. We see Marky Mark in the water, watching the boat sink, but there is no chance for him to survive. The movie ends with his girlfriend reading his eulogy. So they all died. And all the dramatic shit that happened on the boat? Completely made up.

And yes, I realize you needed something to fill in the time, but there was a secondary story about National Guard divers who jump out of helicopters in order to swim during these storms to rescue people. That would have been a pretty cool thing to focus on, especially since we know they made it out okay and one of those guys was actually from central PA (I remember reading an article about him in the newspaper.)

The most fun you can have after seeing a film based on a true story is going home and checking to see how much of it was actually true.