Wheel of Time Pilot

Did you know they were making a Wheel of Time television show? I had no clue. In fact, I just found out that it aired on FX the other night at 1:30 a.m. That is probably not a good sign, right? Another bad sign: it starred Billy Zane. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you feel about watching a poorly produced TV show with Billy Zane), I was able to watch the entire episode on YouTube and decided to put it here for all the WOT fans who read this blog (just Greg) to enjoy.

Basically, it looks like the company that had the rights to produce a show or movie was on the verge of losing those rights, so they just put something together. The production quality is terrible and the acting is about as bad, even with Billy Zane.

The episode is taken directly from the prologue of the first book, where Ishamael comes to Lews and cures his madness long enough for the Dragon to realize that he killed his family. Lews then commits suicide, which creates Dragonmount. When I read the book though, I never got the feeling that Ishamael was being a jokester with Lew Therin. Or maybe that is Billy Zane’s poor acting.

Anyways, hopefully a network sees this and realizes there is potential. Granted, they would need an actual cast and probably some direction and all that other stuff that goes into making a good show. But, the underlying premise is good and that opening voice over was not too bad.

I truly believe you could make WOT into a great show. The overall story is so good that if a good writer took on the task of adapting, they could probably eliminate some of the unnecessary things and still have plenty for about six seasons. Seriously. Can anyone even remember what the hell even happened in the first two books? Not saying they were bad, just saying that the story expanded so much and so many characters were introduced after those books that it was hard to remember what happened early on.

So please, executives at HBO, please buy this up and make it into your next big series after Game of Thrones. And maybe you should listen to Greg, he predicted that it would be a huge show…

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