Arrow vs. Atom

There was a pretty big moment in last week’s episode of The Arrow. The Atom finally made an appearance and it was to bring down the Arrow. I am not going to get into why he decided to go after him, but it was definitely a good way to introduce the character.Atom vs Arrow-First off, I definitely dig the suit, although I am wondering, does it allow Palmer to shrink? Or is this basically just an Iron Man-esque exo-suit? That is what I got from his earlier description, but I hope when they do a spin-off show that he builds a shrinking device for it.

-I loved Roy’s reaction to hearing the news that Palmer was coming after Ollie in an advanced military suit. He basically said something like “so he has a suit that gives him superpowers? That’s awesome! I mean, that’s bad…” I hope that when the spin-off does happen that Roy goes with Ray. I could see it working out in a situation where Roy and Oliver have a falling out, probably over Thea, Roy decides that working with Ray would be better for him. Ollie does not try to stop him because he knows the Atom needs someone like Arsenal watching his back.

-Hopefully the spin-off show focuses more on Ray fighting science crime. Or even doing crazy science adventures. Who knows if they can do that with their budget, but it would be amazing to see him fighting monsters in some sub-atomic universe. Or battling cancer cells in a kid’s body (there was a cool story in JLA once about that, the cancer cells were sentient and it was basically a war inside his body…whatever, just check it out).

-The show has basically taken one of the great Batman stories and made it into a Green Arrow story. The Ra’s al Ghul wanting Olliver to become his replacement is pretty interesting. I actually wish Ollie would take it. Change the League of Assassins into a fighting force for good. It would be a pretty amazing idea. They could actually do the Batman Inc. idea, but with Green Arrows fighting crime all over the world.

-I look forward to the meeting between Atom and Flash. Especially if Ray invents something to shrink. I would love to see Barry racing somewhere and Atom beat him there by hitching a ride on some photons. That would be so cool. Seriously CW, you could do so much awesome stuff with the Atom, just do not make him a lame Iron Man clone!