Painting is Hard

I really thought painting would be easy. You know, you just toss some paint on the wall and spread it around. No one mentioned all of the crap that you should do first. Fixing holes, sanding walls, blah blah blah. None of it is fun. All of it is time consuming. I finally have that stuff done and I had to get started with painting the trim. Everything I read said that you should paint trim first since if you get it on the wall, no big deal, you will be painting over it anyway.

Not what my trim job looks like.

I put down some cloth and plastic, then started to paint. Well it did not go so well. When I opened the paint can, it splattered everywhere and then I spilled some on the plastic (that will be important later). After starting the process, I realized that I should have put down tape. So I taped off the floor. I then went back to painting and realized that I had sat down in the paint I spilled. Ugh, such a good way to start.

I did a small piece and realized I was very hungry and that I had a poor system going. I went to eat and came back and thought out the entire process. With all the tape down, I moved the cloth and plastic around and started painting again. This time I did not make a mess and when I got to the end of the plastic, I was able to stop and move it. I got better at using the edge of the brush around the window and door. It actually went pretty fast and I hope it turned out alright. One bright spot is that I was painting the trim white and the original color was…WHITE! So at least if I screwed up it will not be too terrible.

Once this is dry, I plan to tape off the ceiling and trim and get started painting the walls. Do not fear, when it is finished, I will take some pictures.