The Flash is Sad

death-of-vibe-51--127936If you are not watching The Flash (you definitely should start) or if you are waiting to watch the season at later date, you will probably want to avoid this post. You know, because there will be major spoilers.

For awhile now we have known that Dr. Wells is the Reverse Flash, but we did not know his plan. After Cisco figures out his secret, Harrison shows up and tells Cisco everything. Well not everything, but he does inform him that he is from the future and he needs the Flash’s power to get back to his proper time.

What was so horrible about the entire scene is the way Cisco knows what is going to happen. The look on his face and the way he starts crying when Wells approaches him. It actually had me on the verge of tears. Then Wells says the line about knowing what it is like to have a son…that did make a single tear roll down my cheek.

death-of-vibe-52--127955His death may have been for naught though. Once Flash runs fast enough trying to stop the Weather Wizard’s tsunami, he ends up going back in time. He goes back to the point where he saw himself earlier (by like a few days). I have a feeling Barry will do something to save Cisco, but that something will also result in whatever happened between him and Iris not coming to fruition.

That would seem like something one of these shows would do, not getting the two together after teasing it a few times. I think Smallville did this like twenty times.

I want Cisco to be alive and well, but going down the time-travel route in order to save a character can be dangerous. I do not mean from a time paradox point of view, but in regards to the story. It will be pretty hard to believe any character is dead or to get emotionally involved with their deaths. Or I am sure someone will explain why the Flash should not go back in time to save people’s lives once he saves Cisco.

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  1. Still getting caught up with episodes but I think the CW got it correct so far. Great story and series.

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