2015 Fantasy Baseball Week 2

Week 2Defeating Gideon is always a tough task. Especially when my draft analysis says that his team should be the best. This just goes to show you how projections are useless. I am a little annoyed at the lack of wins, despite most of my starting pitchers doing well. Also, the zero holds is a bit troubling. Oh well, a win is a win, so no point in complaining.

Best Hitter: Jose Altuve (4/1/3/2/.458/.500) must have read what I said last week. He definitely stepped up this week. Justin Upton also had a great week, which would be great if he could have a monster year like he did a few years ago.

Jeurys FamiliaBest Pitcher: Jeurys Familia, who had five saves during the week. That is pretty crazy when you figure that managers almost never let a guy throw more than two days in a row. Familia and the Mets managed to have save situations Monday/Tuesday, Thursday/Friday, Sunday. I don’t know what is more impressive, that they were in that many close games (they also had a close game on Saturday) and won, or that Familia, who was not the closer going into the season, managed to lock them all down.

Biggest Positive Surprise: Stephen Vogt. I picked him up because Zunio was struggling and I wanted a serviceable catcher until Wieters comes back from the DL. Vogt was able to be more than just serviceable (3/2/4/0/.368/.400). If he continues to have a strong season, I may not need Wieters.

Biggest Negative Surprise: My best hitter from last week, David Wright, going on the DL. Definitely not a good thing, I feel like he could have been on pace for a great year (I know, after one week…) and this injury will probably be the nagging type that really messes that up. Also, I picked up Mike Moustakas who was having a great start to the season, but did not have a great time for me (2/0/0/0/.176/.222). At least Kris Bryant made his debut and had a solid first few games (0/0/1/0/.300/.500).

My victory put me in first place in the division and only one game behind the overall leader, Sean, who beat Lindsey 6-4. This week I take on Offord, who is in next to last with a 9-15 record, but was probably distracted with the birth of his son. I will not go easy on him though, since mercy is for the weak.