Baseball Player Envy

Sometimes I watch baseball players and get very envious. No, not of their supreme athletic talent. I mean, that is impressive that they can hit a ball coming at them 95 MPH. It would be cool to do that, but that is not what I really envy. I look at their facial hair and say “damn, how do they do it.” I grow facial hair, that is not a problem, but I am usually limited in how I grow it.

For example, Lindsey would murder me if I tried to go with the J-Hay.

Josh HarrisonFor the most part, I tend to allow my facial hair to grow out like Eric Hosmer. Well minus the longer goatee area.

Eric HosmerAs you can see, we both allow the top of the facial hair to trace a line along our cheek bones.

HosmerDuring Opening Day though, I noticed Corey Kluber and his awesome beard. He trims it down a bit more than Hosmer, keeping it more in line with his jaw. I decided to try and capture that look.Kluber

It was actually a little more difficult than I thought. Plus I may have cut myself a little bit. This is definitely the highest I have ever trimmed the neck. And by neck, I mean that it was basically all the way up to my jaw.

I think I may have went a little thin around the cheek area, so this might be a time to allow it to grow back and try again. Sadly, when I watched a video of Kluber pitching on Monday, I noticed that it was not nearly as low as I thought. Oops…

Corey Kluber

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    1. I had to laugh because as i read your post from back then, it seemed familiar. Then I read the comments…I waited out my place of work long enough and now beards are acceptable.

      And you should leave the facial hair to the professionals. Haha

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