Game of Thrones: High Sparrow


I know this might start a riot, but I was not all that impressed with the last episode of GoT. I realize it was one of those episodes where people need to be moved around in order to get story lines in place, but it just seemed like nothing happened. They should have mixed it up a bit or something.

-It looks like I was wrong, the adventures of Jorah and Tyrion are about to begin! I was really excited about the prospect of Tyrion hanging out with Dany, maybe giving her good advice and stop wallowing in his own self-pity. Ugh, that is getting old.

-I did enjoy the Margaery/Cersei banter. The line about not having any wine that early in the morning was pretty funny. Also, the way she maneuvered Tommen (through lots of sex) into wanting his mother out of King’s Landing was brilliant.

-Sansa has an interesting story. Littlefinger takes her to the North to marry Ramsay Bolton. This is one of those completely of course from the book things that I actually enjoy. I was actually scared for Sansa when she met Ramsay. Although, is there a chance that she will not be tortured by the psycho since Roose knows she is the key to keeping the North?

-I never really had that much interest in the High Sparrow story in the books, but for some reason I am digging it now. I think with a few tweaks it could be a really great story.

-I have no clue what will happen at the Wall. Could Jon change his mind and bend the knee to Stannis and become Jon Stark? Possible. They take Winterfell and Jon has to contend with Ramsay and Sansa. That would actually be kind of interesting. At least he killed Janos Slynt, that was pretty awesome.

-Arya learned how to clean a dead guy’s body. That was exciting.

-We got a glimpse of something scary under a sheet in Qyburn’s lab. This leads me to believe that the High Sparrow story will continue on the same path as the book. I knew that the damn body would move and yet it still made me jump when it did. I am such a sissy.

See what I mean? The episode was cool for all the groundwork it laid for future episodes. Like this would be great if you were binge-watching. However, it did not really quench my thirst for GoT for the week. And yes, I realize this type of episode is necessary, so do not have a nervous breakdown telling me something like “yeah, but this has to happen this way so the payoff is all the more sweet in the end.” Yeah, I realize that, calm down. Geez, sometimes you cannot even criticize this show without all the imaginary readers of this blog freaking out.