Game of Thrones: The House of Black and White

I have a theory (there will probably be book spoilers and I guess it is possible TV spoilers). It is not a good theory, but it is a theory, so bear with me for a second. I always wonder if George R.R. Martin has these very long, convoluted stories for each character because he is a believer in “the journey is the true story.” Remember how Stephen King ended the Dark Tower? (SPOILERish) He says at the end that this is the end, but for those that want to know what happens next to keep reading, but that the true story was the journey. I always loved that ending. And I wonder if that is Martin’s plan. It is taking everyone forever to get to the place that we all think they should eventually arrive. I feel like in book seven, when they do get there, the book will end and in the epilogue it will be something like “and that children is how your great-grandmother, Queen Daenerys won the Iron Throne and defeated the White Walkers.” And the kids listening to the story will be like “oh Nan, that cannot be true! There are no White Walkers!” And Old Nan will be like “oh sweet children of summer…” And the book will end.

This is why the television show can veer off course because they want to focus on that actual end. They are not as impressed with that journey of Tyrion and Jorah becoming best friends (yep, that happened at some point, although I can barely remember it now) or the introduction of Jon Connington and Aegon (who a million book readers have come up with a million new theories about, since yesterday). Is it important? Probably for the book, it lays a groundwork for things to come, but is it truly vital? Probably not.

Areo_Hotah_and_Ellaria_SandSorry about that, I just really wanted to post my book prediction that it will end with Old Nan being some kind of immortal storyteller…back to the show!

-The Sand Snakes send a threat to Cersei who calls upon Jaime to do something. She is such a bitch. I know that is a bit harsh, but first she is mad that Jaime will not do anything to help his daughter. Then when he says he will do something, she gets mad and is like “you cannot take an army to Dorne.” And he is like “no Army, I will go.” Then she makes fun of him and says something like “what is a one-armed man going to do by himself.” To which he replies “who said I was going alone?” Fuck you Cersei.

-And who is the help he is about to enlist? Bronn. This is such a major departure from the book. I do not even remember what all happened there, but I think one of the Kingsguard goes, but then starts sleeping with a princess and then there is an assassination attempt or a coup. I just remember that Areo Hotah was a fuckin’ badass. I will trade whatever happened in the book for a battle between he and Bronn.

-Speaking of Dorne. We get to see Prince Doran, who in the book seemed a lot more weak, but in the show, I feel like he is a shrewd yet patient man (I will say no more because who knows how similar things might be to the book with this story).

-Arya arrives in Braavos. She goes to the House of the Black and White and is basically denied entrance. She spends a few days (weeks?) running around the city. She threatens some street punks who try to steal her sword and bird. The kids run off when they see the old man who denied her. She follows him back to the temple and he changes his face to Jaquen’s and she is granted entrance. This is another story that could be sped up a bit from the book. An episode or two of her struggles and then we move on. Although, I hope they leave in the insurance agent thing. For those that do not know, the Temple has her follow a man who sells insurance for ships (although they do not call it that). When the old man explains to Arya what the man does, she is perplexed and thinks it is the dumbest thing in the world  (it is an amusing thing from the book).

-Jon Snow is the new Lord Commander. Also, he turns down Stannis’ offer of making him a legitimate Stark and the Lord of Winterfell. Good for Jon! Also, I love how the show can take something that was about 4000 of the most boring pages of book (the entire voting process was explained in excruciating detail) and express it in like three minutes.

-Brienne and Pod have some more fun adventures. They run into Littlefinger and Sansa, but Sith Master Stark wants nothing to do with a giant bodyguard who allows all of her charges to be murdered. Probably a smart move by Sansa. I mean, Littlefinger is totally trustworthy. Brienne does kill some of the knights though and then she and Pod make a daring escape. Where will they go next? They are going to follow Sansa and Littlefinger.

-And then we have Dany. She just cannot win. After executing one of the former slaves for killing a prisoner, now all of Meereen hates her. At least Tyrion is on his way to lend a hand. Or is he? I bet they are going to meet Jon Connington (will they change his first name since it might be confusing having him and Jon Snow?) and Aegon.

dragon-dany-I honestly thought that Drogon was either going to singe her with fire or bite her arm off. Or maybe take her from the city. I thought maybe now would be a good time to just skip over all of that stuff and get her to where we ended in the books.