Game of Thrones: The Wars to Come

After months of waiting, the premiere finally happened and it did not disappoint. In fact, I was probably most excited about the idea of not really knowing where things would go from here. It looks like the show is truly splitting off from the book, maybe not completely, but definitely in a few areas. As per usual, my thoughts about the episode and there will probably be spoilers, so read only if you saw the episode.Pathetic_arryn.0

-Favorite part of the episode was watching Robin try to fight. He was absolutely terrible, especially when you consider the kid at the Wall looked pretty badass fighting with Jon Snow. Was I the only person singing the Monty Python song “Brave Sir Robin ran away…”

-It always amazes me how poorly people explain the fighting pits to Dany. Daario does a pretty good job, but I think someone needs to tell her that now that it would be freemen, they would get paid and have the choice whether or not they fight. It’s all about the money Dany.

-I am happy that Tyrion is just heading to Mereen. I hope that this is where the book and show really diverge, if Tyrion is able to become an advisor to Daenerys then things should become very interesting. I wonder if that means the Jon Connington/Aegon story will be dropped from the show? I hope. I mean, I like it in the book, but I think we all know that it is going to end poorly for those guys.

-Prediction: Dany agrees to open the fighting pits, Jorah enters his name to fight in them hoping to win his way back into Dany’s good grace. There is an attack on her and he tries to save her life, but Drogon shows up to steal his thunder. I think they stick with the book on that aspect. Dany will end up with Drogon facing an army of Dothraki (she will defeat them and become their Khaleesi, giving her an even larger army to head over to Westeros).

-I like that the Sparrow storyline was not dropped. I love the idea of a religious military order being there to maybe join the fight against the White Walkers. Or to just cause general problems for everyone in King’s Landing.

-The opening scene was pretty cool, but also a bit confusing. I took a second to realize that was a young Cersei and she was visiting Maggy the Frog. I am also curious as to why they dropped the last part of the prophecy, that Cersei would die with the hands of the valonquar around her throat. Valonquar in High Valyrian means “little brother.” Cersei always assumed that means Tyrion, but I always thought it to be Jaime, since the book always makes a point to remind us that Cersei is the older twin.

-Jon Snow steps up and does what needed to doing. Puts an arrow through Mance’s heart as a mercy. I am sure this will piss off Stannis, but I think it will endear Jon to the Free Folk. They will only fight for Mance if Jon is their leader. I wonder if the show will depart with Jon being the Lord Commander?

Alright, those are my thoughts on the episode. What did you think?