Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 1

Is this the first full trailer or is this the second teaser? I can never keep this stuff straight. All I know is that it basically gave me a full nerd-boner. Where do I even begin?

-Who is Luke talking to? His child? Is that Luke’s voice? Or as some folks across the internet have theorized, is it Luke’s son and he is talking to his own sister…hmmm. Interesting ideas.

-Han and Chewie! But what do they mean, “we’re home.” Where have they been? Have they been off enjoying Rebel Retirement (since they decided to drop the book universe, does that mean the New Republic is gone too?) and are just happy to be back in the thick of things? Or have they actually been gone, somewhere far, far away?

Everything else looked pretty awesome as well. I am excited!

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 1

  1. That voice is Mark Hamill. Of course, as I was saying to friends the other day, I think Mark Hamill could do any voice. Have you heard him voice The Joker?

    1. He did the voice of Joker on BTAS and if I am not mistaken, the green goblin on Spider-Man. The thing I was reading said that it could be the Irish actor though because you can sorta here an Irish accent when he says sister. Haha. I am not saying I totally believe it, but I could see Abrams wanting to throw the fans a curveball

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