The Living Room is Mostly Done

We have pretty much finished the living room. At least this room was a little easier than the rooms upstairs. It was mostly just waiting for our furniture. I say pretty much because we still need a rug and probably some wall decorations, but for all intents and purposes (or intense porpoises) the room is finished.

Five Four One Three TwoNormally I would tell you all about how perfect everything is with the room, but unfortunately that is not the case. Our living room has an odd alignment. The stairs make the center of the wall further to the left than where the wall by the door is located. Does that make sense? The problem with that is the television and couch are at an odd angle. At first it really bothered me, but now it is fine.

I think the television would be better above the fireplace, but it was going to be such a pain to run the cable to the wall, especially since we want to hide the cables, which you see is how I did it on this wall. We have decided to let it go this way for a few months to see how we like it. If it is cool, then we will not make any changes.

Another problem we ran into was where to put the accent chair. Part of me really wanted it incorporated into the living room plan, but no matter how we tried to make it work, there was not enough room (stupid steps). Then we tried it off to the left of the door. It actually works really well there and ties the entire room together with the dining room area. I know, I sound like an interior decorator (apologies to any actual interior decorators who are reading this and going “what??? that looks terrible and you are a complete moron!”)

So that is our living room. Now we just need to start decorating the walls and floors. Hopefully then the house will be complete (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)…

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