Game of Thrones: Kill the Boy

10612835_10152775328667734_3498652474584725138_n-e1425084869455-620x178I need someone to explain something to me. I never really got this in the books either, but on the show it was even more odd. What the hell is Daenerys plan? She is going to marry Hizdahr zo Loraq, which comes about pretty sudden (in the book, he keeps bugging her to marry him). So now she is going to give in to the Sons of the Harpy, who are most definitely connected to the nobles and reopen the fighting pits. Plus, after all the advice Barristan gives her, she just tosses it aside and decides a good way to deal with problems is to feed the nobles to dragons (actually that plan might have worked). Ugh, I really wish she would leave Meereen and just go to Westeros. Or anywhere that isn’t shitty.

Okay, so I have that little rant out of the way. What did I think about the episode? I enjoyed it, obviously this was another set-up episode, but I feel like more stuff happened than an earlier episode that shall not be mentioned.

uaa1q3i8e53ybj5k8ot8One of my favorite things was the Sansa/Ramsay story. I was actually a bit afraid when Sansa was walking into the kennels. I was not really sure what she would find, for some reason I half expected there to be a dead dire wolf. The other half of Robb’s. I guess it did not occur to me that Reek would be there, even though I should have expected it. The entire dinner was very tense as well. Ramsay is such an unknown, I half expect him to stand up and start hacking limbs off of his father at any moment. The news that Fat Walda is pregnant definitely adds a new twist for Ramsay. And just when you think he is a horrible psycho, then Roose talks and you go “oh yeah, he is not much better.”

The ending also had a nice twist. Jorah and Tyrion get attacked by the Stone Men and it is revealed that one of them touched Jorah. Definitely not what I expected to happen.I was curious if this disease was going to make it’s way into the show. I always found it such an oddity in the books. It is barely talked about in the first few books, aside from Shireen, but then in ADWD, we learn that it is this zombie-like plague that transfers via touch and makes the sufferer eventually go mad. Pretty scary stuff.

Jon is forced to make a decision. I know, he is always being forced to make decisions. He wants to help Stannis, but he has an obligation to the Wall. And he wants to help the Free Folk, yet the Night’s Watch hate the Wildlings. He tries to make them understand that if the Free Folk are left beyond the Wall, then they will be turned into wights and used against them eventually. He really does have a practical reason for wanting them on their side.

I wonder if the show is going to quickly get us to where the last book ended? There will be some spoilers here, so stop reading if you have not read the books, or if you do not want some speculation about future events. Is Jon going to bring the Free Folk inside the Wall and give them land, then the Night’s Watch will betray him and attempt to murder him. This will set up a chance for him to lead the Free Folk and go to the rescue of Stannis against the Boltons. He does not have to become a Stark since Sansa is already in the North and she can become the Wardeness. He has an army and can go back to fighting the White Walkers. That is just my theory.

Is anyone else looking forward to a potential Ramsay vs. Brienne battle? I feel like Ramsay is no match for her, but he is such a psycho that you cannot really predict what would happen. I mean, obviously he would not fight fair.

Alright, let me know what your thoughts were on the episode. Also, does Pod end up battling to the death with Myranda?

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  1. Good writeup. Where the story will go is anyone’s guess – the books and the movies have officially diverged.

    1. I am happy with the split, I am guessing they will just meet back up at the end. With Jon and Dany marrying and using the dragons to defeat the White Walkers. The third dragonrider will be…Hot Pie, cuz why not

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