Game of Thrones: The Gift

sansa-ramsay2Seriously, if you saw this image, wouldn’t you think that Sansa is living a wonderful fairytale in the North? Sadly that is far from the truth. After last week’s horrible rape scene, we learn that Sansa is not having a much better time. Although it did look like she may find an ally in Theon.

How did that turn out? Instead of lighting the candle, he gives it to Ramsay, who then flays the woman who was going to help Sansa. Yeah, I have a feeling Sansa is not going to be in for a world of pain. Hopefully it will all be worth it. Also, was it just me or did it seem like she took something that could be used as a weapon at some point? I hope so.

Speaking of the North, things are not going so well for Stannis. The snow is coming and his men could possibly starve. Some of his sellswords have already left. And to make matters worse, Melisandre wants him to sacrifice Shireen. I cannot imagine Stannis killing his own daughter, but who knows what her mom will do. My guess is that Stannis will give Shireen to Davos and ask him to take her away and maybe find some help. Could this be how we get Davos meeting with some of the great Northern houses and finding some allies.

Also way up in the North, Jon heads out to help the Free Folk and that means Sam is left alone. Immediately some guys try to rape Gilly and he comes to her rescue. He gets the crap kicked out of him, but fortunately Ghost comes to the rescue. Hey though, at least getting beat up works, Gilly finally sleeps with him. Oh and on a sad note, Maester Aemon died.

In Dorne we see what is happening with our favorite duo. Jaime is a prisoner in a nice room and able to see his daughter (who believes him to be her uncle), and she basically says “leave me alone! I want to marry Tristan and live here. You don’t know me!” Teenage girls have got to be the worst.

Bronn is stuck in the dungeons and we get to hear his beautiful voice sing the Dornishman’s Wife. The Sand Snakes like his rendition, especially Tyene, who was the one to slash him with her blade. She decides to get naked in order to get Bronn a bit excited. Then she tells him about the poison on the blade. He is about to die and she says she will give him the antidote if he admits she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Really hard to argue with her.

tyene-sandMy prediction here is that the Sand Snakes make an escape and they get Bronn to join them. I feel like this might be the replacement for the Princess and the Kingsguard story I mentioned before. This could give us a cool battle where Jaime has to protect Myrcella from Bronn. Until Areo Hotah comes and kills everyone.

Now that the fighting pits are reopened, Dany has to visit a small one in order to see how they operate or something. It is apparently a great honor. Jorah sees his queen and heads out to fight the guys there. It was a pretty crappy fight. It was basically like Gladiator except that Jorah does not kill anyone since he knows that would displease Khaleesi. He reveals himself to her and says that he brings her a gift. At that point, Tyrion comes out and introduces himself. I hope they can be friends. Will Jorah be forgiven? I hope so.

And back in King’s Landing, shit is starting to get real. Littlefinger and the Queen of Thorns are conspiring, well conspiring more. She informs him that if anything happens to her then everyone will know that he had a hand in killing Joffrey. The old lady also visits the High Sparrow and it turns out that the guy really does not want anything. He does not want gold or titles. He just wants to restore the faith in people. She threatens to stop supplying food to the capital and the High Sparrow is not really afraid, he asks if she has ever personally harvested wheat and implies that it is the small folk who do that job and that those same people are the ones he is trying to save. Yeah, she should be afraid.

Cersei visits Margaery in order to gloat over her imprisonment. As she tries to leave, the High Sparrow tells her a story about a broken man who came to him. How they stripped away his finery and learned many things. He then reveals that the man is Lancel. The High Sparrow wonders what they will find inside of Cersei when everything is stripped away. The Silent Sisters take her to a cell. lancel-high-septonI am excited to see where this goes. Obviously I know where the Cersei story goes, but I am more interested how the High Sparrow story will tie together with the White Walkers and Daenerys. Or does all of this stuff not come together?