Game of Thrones: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Alright, I am sure by now everyone has heard about all the insanity surrounding this episode. And before I get to that stuff, I just want to talk about the other things that were pretty good or pretty bad.sansa-ramsay

-Jorah learning about his father’s death was pretty sad. It almost looked like he was about to cry and then he just shrugged it off. And then they are captured by pirates and we get one of the greatest lines ever: “keep him until we find a cock merchant.” All I kept picturing was some guy in Volantis screaming from a stall in the market “we got horse cock here, donkey cock, dire wolf cock. We even have Westerosi dwarf cock! That’s right folks, the largest selection of cocks east of Dorne! Who doesn’t love some great cock!?”

-Jaime & Bronn versus the Sand Snakes. What a letdown. It was a quick fight, but it was hard to take it all that serious since we never really learned much about the girls and really, who cares about Myrcella? I actually enjoyed in the book the whole story of the Dornish princess leading the Sand Snakes in a kidnapping and her seducing the Kingsguard sent to protect Myrcella. That was such a good story, but this just seemed rushed and a bit silly. Or maybe that was the intent?

-Cersei is really playing with fire. Having the queen arrested on these charges is probably going a step too far. Or did Cersei not see this coming? I wonder if she will visit the High Sparrow and try to have Margaery released and have that backfire. I remember this trial from the book being a little more about Margaery maybe having affairs Osmond Kettleback (or was it Kettlebrook?), but after significant torture, he tells the truth about Cersei…I wonder how this will happen in the show?

-Littlefinger is going to lead the Knights of the Vale into the North to fight Stannis and Roose? I wonder what trick he has up his sleeve? I mean, obviously he is not going to actually kill Sansa and send her head to Cersei. Maybe he is hoping to take control of two armies (the North and the Vale) and use it to fight Cersei eventually? I can never really figure out his endgame.

-And now we get to the marriage of Ramsay and Sansa. The episode ends with Ramsay ordering her to undress, but also for Reek (Theon) to stay and watch. As she starts to take off her clothes, Ramsay tears them off and rapes her while a horrified Theon watches.

It was pretty hard to watch. In the books, all of this happens to Jeyne Poole, who is being passed off as Arya. So the fact that they skipped all that and substituted Sansa instead is pretty telling. I am not going to get into the whole rape debate and how this show portrays women. Okay, I might for a second.

I feel like we need to wait to see how this plays out before we judge. Hear me out for a second. Sansa has blossomed into a character who no longer wants to be the victim, who wants revenge for her family. How many times did Littlefinger tell her that she could either stay out of things and be safe or she could endure more hardship, but eventually have her revenge and take her place as the Wardeness of the North.

I wonder if that little warning from Myranda will serve Sansa as well. Maybe she shows Ramsay a different side. There have been a few times in this show where women have said they had to endure horrible sexual encounters in order to get what they wanted (Daenerys with Khal Drogo or Cersei when describing her love life with Robert and how he would take her when he was drunk and mutter stuff about Lyanna Stark–both of those characters turned that around. Dany found a way to actually love Drogo and they did more fun sex stuff than horse-style, and Cersei plotted Robert’s death and then sent soldiers to murder all of his bastard children, well not all of them, but most).

I guess I am just going to repeat myself and say that maybe we should judge this scene after we see how it plays out. I have a few theories:

1)  Sansa lights the candle and Brienne comes to save the day. Brienne kills Roose. She is then killed by Ramsay, but that is the moment where Sansa is able to strike by killing Ramsay.

2) Theon finally takes back his manhood. He snaps and has enough, finding something to stab Ramsay while he tortures Sansa. I actually hate this idea since it really does just revert Sansa to being the victim and needing saved.

3) Rickon and Shaggy Dog show up with Osha. The dire wolf eats Ramsay and Theon. Roose runs away, but is caught by Littlefinger and his Vale army.

Okay, one of those is a silly theory…you can guess which one.

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  1. Interesting. I just watched this episode a few minutes ago. That last scene did almost make me want to stop watching. Wait… okay, I already kind of wanted to stop watching.

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