My First Time

Get your mind out of the gutter! This is not about THAT first time. No my friends, this is about my first time cutting the grass at my house. Actually, to be fair, this was probably the first time I cut the grass ever. I am pretty sure I tried to help as a youngster, but I was too small and our hill was too big. I also am fairly certain that I cut the grass for my mom once at her house. But that was like twelve years ago. So basically I am not very experienced in the art of grass cutting.

As the weather started to warm up, we kept meaning to go and pick out a lawnmower. I know, another one of those funny things that you do not realize you will need when buying a house. Or a hose. Or basically everything, ever. My mom said she would buy us the lawnmower since she got Adam one when he bought a house. Unfortunately, we could never find a time to go together and pick one out. Eventually she just gave me money and I went to buy one.

Not my actual yard...
Not my actual yard…

By the time this happened, the yard was pretty ridiculous. I think it was Tuesday when I bought the mower, it’s a Craftsman (in case you were curious), and naturally as soon as I got it home, it started to rain. I know, everyone thinks it was just my excuse, but I really did want to cut the grass. My yard was starting to become embarrassing. I mean, there are some very influential people who live up in this area. There is a guy, who claims to have met Mel Gibson at a party once*. I mean, this place is like the Beverly Hills of Cambria County.

After work today, I finally got home early enough to get the chance to cut some grass. Our yard is not very big. I figured it would take me about an hour, especially since it was so high. Boy was I wrong! It took me a little over two hours. I felt like I was an explorer, hacking my way through the Congolese jungle.

Still not my yard...
Still not my yard…

The other crappy part was that I did not buy a weed-whacker (do you hyphenate or not?), so I had to try and use the mower at an angle to cut some of the edges. It turned out pretty well all things considered. I at least know now not to wait until it is ten inches high.

Also, I should probably buy something to get rid of the dandelions. And crabgrass. I feel like I hear commercials all the time…

So anyways, that was my experience of cutting the grass. I enjoyed it for the most part. I look forward to doing it again.**

*I have never actually met anyone who lives in this area, unless you count the old lady who yelled at me for not being Joe, the previous owner. I tried to introduce myself, but she kept wanting to know what happened to Joe, where he went, why he moved, etc. It was strange.
**I am sure by the third time of cutting grass, I will hate it and dread doing it each week.

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